Cakes at Tuxedo Cafe and Pattiserie (Carlton Hotel)

28021237021_e41c00a2c8_b_d1I chanced upon the Tuxedo Cafe and Pattiserie after a visit to Carlton Hotel. Together with my companion, we planned on desserts after dinner elsewhere.

The cafe was having a Matcha Special and I picked their Coconut Matcha Cheese cake ($7.80). My companion went for the establishment’s Signature Tuxedo Cake ($5.80) – one made with Valrhorna chocolate.

This cafe is situated in a hotel. It is tucked away in a discreet and discrete area near the expansive hotel lobby. We arrived in the evening and the lighting was suitably dim. The cakes were presented very nicely in a large glass display and laid on a marble top. Almost very formal. Seating is rather casual –  lots of round tables and chairs. Bread goods line one side of the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, adding visual interest and also privacy for patrons.

This can be a suitable spot for those looking to get away from the crowd in the City Hall area.

Wait time:
Maybe a few minutes as the cakes get plated. If you are having coffee, I imagine it may add a while longer as they manually hand-pull it – as it should be.

Without frills. Everything looks so clean given the table tops are white too.

We took away some breads and it was in paper bags and plastic carrier.

Taste test:
I write this a while (some weeks) after eating the cakes. My memories are of a dense rather than airy cheesecake. Not overpowering matcha flavour. For the chocolate cake, it was rich without being too sweet.

Overall thoughts:
It was pleasant. They have a waffle offering too, which seems worthy a try. There’s tax + service. The hotel staff do a good job at hospitality.

They open as early as 730am and close 10pm. You get various discounts from 7pm.


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